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Our Customers

Welcome to Shop Soap Warehouse Brand, we are glad you came today.

This website is here to bring to the average household the same high quality products, that in the past, have only been available to cleaning professionals, people in the cleaning industry; pressure washers, laundries, dry cleaners, etc.

Why should you be made to use inferior store products to clean, just because you are a household consumer?

Please take the time to browse through our product descriptions, read the testimonials of past and current customers, discover the great amount of information covered in our blog posts, and comments written by people just like you in our Q&A forum.

Feel free to send us your before and after photos of cleaning problems that our products have helped you with to post in our photo gallery. We love to see them and share with our other customers. Send to:

Since starting this web site we had 
at first a limited number of items available from our industrial product line, but over time we have been adding to that list of many great, safe and effective products for you to choose from. And have just added a new product group of maintenance products to our others.

You can feel comfortable that when you visit here that our site is free of mal ware and that when ordering your information is safe with us. 

Thank you again for coming to our consumer web site. We hope you will become a customer now and for many years to come.

The Shop Soap Warehouse Brand Team