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Top Gun Aircraft Cleaner - is formulated, tested and approved to safely clean polished aluminum and painted surfaces of the major manufacturers of jet aircraft without damage when used as directed. Top Gun will remove carbon exhaust, grease, oil, and magnetic film without brushing. It works in cold water as well as hot and rinses free at any temperature it can be used in hand wash, pressure wash or spray on, wipe off applications. Top Gun was specifically designed to clean aircraft landing gear and other commercial vehicles without damage when used as is. On March 1, 2000 Top Gun was tested by SMI, Inc., and approved to conform to Boeing D6, Douglas CSD #1 Aircraft and AMS 1526B  requirements for cleaning aircraft exteriors and engines. Top Gun contains no hazardous ingredients as defined by 29 CFR 1910. It is an easy to use liquid concentrate that tackles grease, dirt and grime and will remove dirt and film without brushing sold in 1 gallons, cases of 4-1 gallons and in 5 gallon drums.

Top Gun has been sold since 2000 to clean thousands of aircraft in the Southeastern United States from commercial airliners and small jets to single prop GA airplanes.

The below products do not carry certifications but they have been used in all maners of detailing.

Glimmer windshield cleaner - This is a super concentrated cleaner. Does not contain ammonia or alcohols. It has a 1:9 dilution rate, so 1 gallon makes 10. Excellent for Plexiglas, glass, plastics, and chrome. Sold in one gallon bottles, once diluted it has a nice light blue color.

Non Silicone Tire Dressing - This non-silicone tire dressing is designed to brighten and enhance the rubber surfaces of vehicles and presents a high quality dress to any tire application. This water based formulation, can be sprayed on or wiped on and does not contain silicones so is considered to be “paint shop” safe. Product is not to be diluted and is sold in 1 gallons and in detail kits.

Vinyl Interior Dressing - This silicone emulsion is a very high quality dressing that is designed to brighten, enhance, and preserve vinyl interior surfaces of vehicles. It will work on wet or dry surfaces and gives a shine to most vinyl and rubber moldings. It may be sprayed or wiped on. Should be careful not to apply to painted surfaces.Product is not to be diluted. Sold in 1 gallons and in detail kits.

Carpet & Fabric cleaner - This fabric cleaner is formulated with optical brighteners to give colored fibers deeper tone and better contrasts. It is for use on all types of carpet and upholstery fabrics. Upon application the emulsified soils are easily flushed to the surface allowing them to be toweled or vacuumed from the fabric or carpets. Excellent for use with carpet cleaning machines and extraction equipment. Sold in 1 gallons and in detail kits.

Odor Out odor neutralizer - This is an odor encapsulate, this product will remove odors, not just mask them. Simply spray into the affected area to effectively remove odor from smoking rooms, laundries and pet areas as well as garbage and trash areas. Super concentrated, use at a rate of 1:4 parts chemical to water, no less than 24oz/gal of water. Sprays with a clean fresh scent that does not linger. Because this does not kill odor causing bacteria only removes them from the air, if the odor cause is not removed, odors will return. Sold in 1 gallons.

Scat! -
It is a stain remover, deodorizer, degreaser and general all purpose cleaner. In car detailing it can be used to deodorize as it cleans fabric upholstery and carpet to remove stains and odors like cigarette smoke. Diluted it can be used to clean any interior surface, dash, instrument panel, etc. Sold in 16 oz spray and 1 gallons.