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Product Descriptions

Products are listed in categories by use, please see list on the left, to make your selection. Some products may be found in more than one location in the descriptions as well as in the catalog when placing your order.

Products have shipping weights associated with each size item. Please use these to help you calculate which shipping weight category your order falls into. Once your order is placed and has been paid for, If you have figured your shipping incorrectly, someone from Shop Soap Warehouse will be in touch with you about either securing additional funds or for returning or crediting your account if you have over paid.

If you do not see a product for a purpose you need, please call 1-800-762-7911 to see if one is available but not listed here as of yet.

It may be that the product you need is considered hazardous by the DOT and would not be able to be ordered through this site but may still be available to be ordered from us by phone and shipped via other general freight carrier such as R & L Carriers, Fed Ex or others.