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These truck washes are all safe finish products. This means that their ingredients will not harm paint, polish, chrome, polished or anodized aluminum. The differences of these products are in the amount of cleaning ingredients and extra properties they may exhibit. Also safe for all kinds of decals, vinyl lettering and applied graphic wraps.
All of these product are concentrated and should be diluted before used.

Big Rig Truck Wash - Our top of the line "Safe Finish" truck wash. Big Rig Brite will not only clean with out brushing but has a sheeting action to reduce spots and will leave the finish with a near wax shine although there is no wax in this product and you do not have to worry about a wax build up with using it. Great for polycoat cab tractor trailers. Dilution ratio with cold water 1:25 and hot 1:50. Sold in gallons, cases of gallons and 5 gallon sizes.

Blue Lightning Truck Wash - Is our most economical "Safe Finish" truck wash. It is still no brush and is the most popular of the three that will give you a nice performance for the money you spend for routine weekly or bi-weekly fleet washing. Dilution ratio with cold water 1:35 and hot 1:70. Sold in gallons, cases of gallons and 5 gallon sizes.

White Lightning Truck Wash - Contains 50% more cleaning ingredients than Blue Lightning and should be used when a stronger "Safe Finish" product is needed due to infrequency of washing or extremely dirty surface conditions.  Dilution ratio with cold water 1:35 and hot 1:70. Sold in gallons, cases of gallons and 5 gallon sizes.

Truck N Tuff (T-N-T) - This super concentrated safe finish wash product is very economial for larger users. This 6 gallon pail can make up to 54 gallons of RTU (ready to use product). It is only sold in a 6 gallon pail.