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Blast Off Graffiti Remover - Removes paint and permanent marker from many types of surfaces. Blast Off is Biodegradable, Non Corrosive, containing No Petroleum Distillates. Blast Off is safe to handle with a Neutral pH that wipes clean leaving no film or residue after drying. Blast Off is safe on factory applied paints and powder coats.*

Blast Off is like no other graffiti remover. It works extremely fast to remove paint and marker from just about any hard surface including factory painted and powder coated surfaces, such as automobiles. Also fiberglass, vinyl, metal, tile, grout, composites, plastic and many natural stones. Apply by spraying on to a dry surface, allow product to work for up to a minute and then wipe off with a dry cloth. Do not use with water or on a wet surface as water will start to break down the solution and it will not be as affective. This can be useful if Blast Off is sprayed on a non intended surface, you can just rinse it off quickly with water.

Watch Blast Off in action HERE

Shadow Away Graffiti Remover - Is also Biodegradable, , Non Corrosive, containing No Petroleum Distillates, has a Neutral pH and is safe on factory paint and powder coats.*
Shadow Away should also be applied to a dry surface but it does have it's differences.

Shadow Away is a spray that becomes a gel when applied allowing it to cling well and penetrate rough vertical surfaces. Shadow Away should be used on larger graffiti tags, that includes surfaces like concrete and masonry and that may have tried to be cleaned by another cleaner that still left a shadow of the graffiti behind.

Shadow Away will keep working to dissolve paint or marker as long as the surface is kept wet with the solution. Keep reapplying until you know the entire depth of the paint has been penetrated. You can use a brush to wipe around the paint until you can see the normal surface before wiping off with a brush or dry clothes. A white powder will form on the edges as Shadow Away drys and this is normal just reapply if needed. The white residue is easily washed away once the Shadow Away is finished cleaning.

You can pressure wash large areas once you know the products have work to make final cleaning easier. If any areas remain
allow surface to dry and reapply.

* Always test surface area for color fastness and product compatibility. Do not use on surfaces that have been spray painted, painted with latex or epoxy paints as these products are designed to dissolve paint. These products should also not be used on screen printed surfaces as they will also remove these kinds of ink and dye. To test spray a small amount of the product on to a cloth and hold it onto a small hidden section of the area or surface to be cleaned, it the area is damaged in anyway Do Not use the product.