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Soap Warehouse started as an Atlanta area business back in 1993, originally only selling industrial fleet truck wash products. But over the years our products have expanded to cover over 9 distinct cleaning service lines with our most recent addition, in 2009, of commercial laundry products. At the beging of this year, 2016, Soap Warehouse was purchased by Georgia Chemical Equipment to become thier exclusive soap brand.

Our products are all produced for us locally here in Atlanta, with only high quality ingredients on a very short production cycle. All of our products are freshly made, for the longest shelf life possible, meaning they do not spend endless weeks or months sitting in a warehouse some where waiting to be sold to a middle man or two and then sold to you. The majority of our product line has a minimum shelf life of two years when stored properly. Also with local manufacturing our over head can be lower with the reduction of shipping costs to us, keeping the price down to you, our customer.

Please note: If you are a licensed cleaning professional looking to buy commercial products from Soap Warehouse, please visit that web site at, thank you.