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Glimmer glass cleaner - This is a super concentrated glass cleaner. Does not contain ammonia or alcohols. It has a 1:9 dilution rate ,so 1 gallon makes 10. Excellent for glass, plastics, Plexiglas and chrome. Sold in one gallon bottles, once diluted it has a nice light blue color.

Natures Green APC (All Purpose Cleaner) - This “Green" cleaner has a wide variety of uses ranging from a general all purpose cleaner to a heavy duty degreaser. It will emulsify heavy grease, soap scum, rubber burns, floor finishes, black heel marks, dirt, printers ink and carbon deposits. It has excellent cleaning capabilities even at high dilution. It is all natural,
Biodegradable, Non Flammable and contains no harsh abrasives. Light duty dilution 1:10, medium duty dilution 1:4 and for heavy duty use undiluted. Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

SoSimple - This Degreaser is Non-Toxic, Non Abrasive, Non-Flammable, Non Corrosive., Biodegradable, Economical and ConcentratedSoSimple is user friendly but unkind to grease, oil, dirt, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc. With a pleasant, deodorizing scent. SoSimple can be used full strength for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing or diluted for any cleaning need from appliances, laundry pre-soak, to glass and mirrors. Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

Rite Stuff econo degreaser - An economical high quality cleaner/degreaser, that contains an organic solvent, to help dissolve grease, oils, mold, mildew, soap scum etc. A high quality cleaner that won’t break the bank, just the dirt. It is very effective in cold or hot water, can be used in the 
pressure washing of mobile homes, RV’s, trucks, trailers, buildings, etc. It is also an excellent pre spray for use on extremely difficult cleaning jobs and will clean engines, vinyl, stainless steel and other hard surfaces. It is Biodegradable. For Heavy cleaning dilute 1:5, for general cleaning dilute up to 1:30. Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

Carpet & Fabric cleaner - This fabric cleaner is formulated with optical brighteners to give colored fibers deeper tone and better contrasts. It is for use on all types of carpet and fabrics. Upon application the emulsified soils are easily flushed to the surface allowing them to be toweled or vacuumed from the fabric or carpets. Excellent for use with carpet cleaning machines and extraction equipment. Can be used with Qwic Zyme added with it. (See below). Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

Qwick Zyme -
This product is designed to use its biological action to break down food wastes, greases, and other organic matter. This product can be added to liquid carpet cleaners in carpet cleaning equipment to breakdown and remove food or pet stains as well as being used in kitchen and bath drains to break down hair, grease and soaps. This product will deprive odor causing bacteria of their food source, thus inhibiting their growth and ability to produce obnoxious odors. Use indoors or out. DO NOT allow to come in contact with food products. Safe for food disposals and septic tank systems. Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

Odor Out odor neutralizer -
This is an odor encapsulate, this product will remove odors, not just mask them. Simply spray into the affected area to effectively remove odor from smoking rooms, laundries and pet areas as well as garbage and trash areas. Super concentrated, use at a rate of 1:4 parts chemical to water, no less than 24oz/gal of water. Sprays with a clean fresh scent that does not linger. Because this does not kill odor causing bacteria only removes them from the air, if the odor cause is not removed, odors will return. Sold in 1 gallon bottles.