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2X Laundry Liquid This liquid cleans all types of fabrics and has a low irritation factor when clothes are worn by sensitive individuals and is fragrence free. It can be used as a pre treater. Contains no phoshorus and is safe for septic systems. Can wash up to 64 loads. Can be used in top or front loading machines. Sold in gallons, cases of 4-1 gallons and 5 gallon sizes.

SW Uniform Detergent This is an oxygen-energized, powdered enzyme detergent with balanced surfactants, oxidizing and anti-re-deposition agents assuring oprimum whiteness and brightness. To be used for colored shirts, dirty collars, uniforms, work khakis, as well as degreasing dark clothes and denim. Leaves a fresh not heavy scent. Using 1/4 cup per full wash load a 10 lb pail yeields 80 loads when used as directed. Best when used in  temperatures ranging from 105 - 145 degrees. Sold in 10 lb resealable pails.

laundry additive - this is a powdered product that when added to wash water removes free chlorine, there by removing chlorine odor from items such as swim suits, pool towels, etc. De-chlor also helps increase fabrics life span by removing chlorine which over time, if allowed to stay, bonds to fibers causing them to fade, become stiff and brittle. If you own a pool, have a child on a swim team or just enjoy the hot tub or pool at the gym once or more per week, then you need De-chlor. A 2 lb jar will treat at least 64 full loads and uses just one tablespoon per load. Used as a pre soak, for just a few items before adding to a normal wash, will stretch it's use even farther.
It is also a ‘Betadyne’ stain remover, great for medical staff, hospital laundry and scrubs. Sold in 2 lb and 10 lb containers.

White powdered bleach - this is an oxygen-bleach. Cleans all types and colors of clothes, gets whites bright, works best in warm to hot water. Use only 2-3 oz per high capacity load. Sold in 10 lb pail.

Rave Plus  laundry detergent - this cold water, non phosphate, low alkaline, commercial grade detergent is economical and a great performer for everyday use. It may be used in warm or hot water but Rave Plus was designed not to need higher temperatures to reach maximum performance.
Made to be mild, it is great for blue jeans to retain their color, wash after wash (You should always wash jeans inside out with any detergent). Sold in 40 lb plastic pails.