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De Chlor powdered chlorine odor remover 10 lb pail

De Chlor chlorine odor remover is a great product to have around during the summer or year round if you own a pool. This is a powerful powdered industrial chlorine neutralizer. It is used to remove residual chlorine from swim suits and pool towels. Helps prevent chlorine fabric fade and deteriation. 1 oz will treat 50 lbs. Average load only need 1/2 oz. or one tablespoon added to wash water. It also is a ‘Betadyne’ stain remover, great for adding to wash when laundring scrubs and uniforms for medical staff workers. 13 lb pail will wash an average of 416 loads. Weight 14 lbs in box.
PriceĀ  $ 55.00
Laundry other than Scat
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