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High Foam Cherry car wash 1 gallon jug

This is a pH balanced, highly concentrated, foaming car wash product with a fresh cherry scent.  Diltution rate for High Foam Cherry conc. will range from 1:150 to 1:1800 depending upon applicaiton, weither it is used for hand washing, pressure washing, or for drive-thru. When hand washing start with 3 oz per 5 gallons of water and adjust to your liking. To reduce foam add soap to already filled pail of water and mix by hand, too maxiumize foam put soap into container first then add water by spraying it into the container. Product can be followed with Spray Wax to extend clean appearance and shine. Weight 11 lbs in box.

PriceĀ  $ 20.00
Car Wash & Detailing
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