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Maintenance Products

Dyn-O-Coil mineral scale prevention system. Added to water or soap mix before running through your pressure washer this product modifies the normal crystal structure of mineral hardness so scale never gets the chance to build up. If used after scale is present, it will remove existing scale with each use. Safe for all machine parts including; pump, seals, valves, coil, packing, hoses, wand and nozzles. Easy to use, just 1/2 ounce per gallon of premixed soap, 1 quart per 55 gallons of water for prevention, 1 gallon per 55 gallons of water for descaling. Works while you work.

Non-Acid Aluminum Coil Cleaner This product is for cleaning air conditioner, evaporator and condenser coils without damage when used as directed. This non acid product is much safer to use than acids, while still giving superior performance and in environmentally safe. Save time and money by doing this yearly routine maintenance yourself. Use at a dilution of 1:4, one gallon of product may last you for many seasons of use. Can also be used for window units as well as free standing large units. And because it is a non acid, non fuming product, it can even be used indoors as long as proper drainage measures are followed to prevent waste fluid overflow.